Cake & Cupcake Pricing

Pricing starts at $4.10 per serving and does include buttercream icing on the outside of the cake
with minimal design elements included such as buttercream ribbon or pearls at base of each tier. 
Additional cost can be incurred due to the flavor and filling combination chosen
as well as the complexity of design, support structures and time required to execute design. 
The design charge will be listed separately and can be modified to accommodate any budget.

Vanilla bean cake with french vanilla buttercream filling starts at $4.10 per serving
Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling starts at $4.20 per serving
White cake with strawberry compote and cream filling starts at $4.45 per serving
Dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge ganache filling and chocolate buttercream starts at $4.80 per serving


3-D Cakes
Sculpted or carved cakes are really cool to make but do require additional time and structural elements
which is reflected in the price.   Most of these cakes start in the $200 range.

Vanilla bean or white cake cupcake with buttercream swirl $2.50 each (minimum order two dozen)
Marble cupcake with buttercream swirl $3.00 each (minimum order two dozen)
Custom decor additional $0.25-$1.00 depending on complexity of design

Cake Pops
Delicious and adorable, cake pops start at $2 per pop
with additional charge depending on the design or shape.

Cake Stands and Cupcake Towers
Available for rental $20-$35.  Equipment deposit is required and is returned
once the rental equipment is returned in like condition.




Semi-Custom Wedding Cakes

Semi -custom cakes are an affordable option allowing the couple to choose from two simple yet elegant designs. 
A design and tasting consultation is not offered for these cakes.

Choose either vanilla bean cake or white cake flavor with vanilla buttercream filling
for your round shaped two or three tier cake design.
These cakes can be a canvas where you can add your own decorative ideas of fresh flowers or topper. 
The topper and a limited number of floral elements can be added to your cake at the time of delivery.

Cake pricing includes a white buttercream finish along with your choice of single row
buttercream pearls border or buttercream ribbon border creating an elegant monochromatic design. 
You are also free to add more design elements at additional charge.





 8, 12 and 16 inch rounds = ~150 servings $540.00 plus tax and delivery
6, 10 and 14 inch rounds = ~103 servings $371.00 plus tax and delivery
6, 8 and 10 inch rounds = ~53 servings $191.00 plus tax and delivery



Pricing is subject to change